Happy 20th Anniversary!

The Erotica Bibliophile is an ever expanding research project that I started waayyy back in 2003. I can't believe it has been that long! If you haven't been here for awhile a lot has changed: a complete revamp of the website, new illustrations, etc. Take a look around

The scope of this site covers vintage erotica and erotic art published between the 18th and early 20th centuries, including: the history of erotic literature, a collection of the vintage erotic illustrations and drawings, and information on the publishers and artists.

Many of the important erotica illustrators active during that period are represented here through their drawings as well as many detailed check-lists of publications that contain that artist's work; artists which include: Martin van Maele, Luc Lafnet, Louis Maltese, Paul Avril, etc.

If it's the publishers of vintage clandestine erotica that you're interested in you will find extensive, annotated checklists and information in general on publishers such as Charles Carrington (Paul Ferdinando), William Dugdale and Jean Fort (Collection des Orties Blanches).


Singular Life

The Singular Life...of John Wilmont
8 coloured lithograpic plates.


Le Fouetteur Invisible
Amié Van Rod. Paris: Édition Parisienne, Roberts & Dardaillon, 1910. 8 illustrations by Lewis Bald

La Religieuse
D. Diderot. Paris: J. Chevrel, 1916. 10 illustrations by Van Maele. Headpieces and ornaments engraved by Eugène Dété.

Maisons de Plaisir et Distraction Parisienne
Paris: Librairie Artistique, F. Pierre, 1909. 21 illustrations by Léon Auguste Roze

Le Grandes Flagellées
Paris: Jean Fort, (1909). Cover illustration by Fredillo + 19 hors-texte illustrations by Jean Macorlan.

I appreciate those who have contacted me to point me to the images for Un été à la Campagne on Honesterotica. Thank you!

However, the book I'm looking for is a unique copy that contains 6 (or more?) watercolors by Martin Van Maele, at least one of which is in-text as shown below. If anyone has information on that unique copy please Contact Me

Recent Miscellaneous Updates and Additions

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